Ground Graves

Interment in a ground grave remains the most widely used form of burial at our cemeteries. Graves are generally of two types, either permitting a lawn level marker (flat headstone), or permitting a raised family monument (upright headstone). Each of our cemeteries has specific areas for the two different types of graves. Monument type graves are more expensive since they require more maintenance over time than the lawn level markers. Raised or upright monument graves are $1,400 and lawn level marker graves are $1,000 each.

Additional Right of Burial allows for cremated remains to be buried in the same grave with the appropriate fee paid. Written permission by the owner or next of kin of the grave is required. The Catholic Cemeteries allows up to two burials in one grave — either one full-body burial and one cremation burial or two cremation burials.

Mausoleum Crypts

Mausoleum Crypts are available at all three cemeteries for above ground burial. Most all of the mausoleum crypts at our cemeteries are garden mausoleums, meaning they are outdoors. Mausoleum crypts can be purchased individually or as “companion” crypts for two people. All of the Catholic Cemetery Mausoleums have a religious theme to each building and offer visitation seven days a week in a serene and peaceful setting. Pricing for Single Crypts start at $3900. Pricing for Companion Crypts start at $5500.

Lawn Crypts

Lawn Crypts are our most economical burial option for couples. They are concrete crypts built in the ground so there is no need to purchase a burial vault. The lawn crypts are designed for two people, the first person goes in the bottom, then a concrete shelf and the second person goes on top (double depth). Each of our cemeteries have a lawn crypt area with space available. Pricing for lawn crypts is $4000.

Cremation Niches

We have cremation niches that are built into our mausoleums and we have free-standing columbariums that typically will house 32 to 64 cremation niches. Niches can either be single or double (companion). Most of our niches are approximately 12”x12”x12” in size to hold most sizes of urns. Pricing for niches start at $1200.
We also offer free-standing family columbariums with 2 or more niches each. These family columbariums can be personalized with the family name on the front of the columbarium. Prices vary greatly depending on the number of niches. Two niche columbariums start at about $5000.

Green Burial

Our Natural Burial Area, Saint Francis Garden, is a secluded, quiet and peaceful area towards the north side of Ascension Cemetery.

What is Natural Burial?

The term “natural burial” represents a broader spectrum of burial options than does “green burial” which is more definite and conservation-based. An existing cemetery that adds a natural- burial section determines the rules, regulations, and limitations while maintaining the integrity that is foundational to the values of green burial.

In other words, a natural-burial section may occasionally use machinery if necessary, but no chemicals would be used when preparing the body of the deceased nor while maintaining the cemetery grounds. The concepts put forward by such organizations as the Green Burial Council would be adhered to as much as possible.

The natural-burial process

In the natural-burial process, the body of the deceased, and the earth to which the body returns, are treated with reverence. The body is not embalmed with chemicals nor is it enclosed in a typical casket and lowered into a concrete vault.

Instead, during the natural-burial process, the body of the deceased may be wrapped in a natural-fiber shroud or placed in a container made of biodegradable material such as unfinished wood or wicker, and buried at a site that is dedicated to natural burial.