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610 S Vassar, Wichita, Kansas  67218

About Calvary Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery, Wichita’s oldest Catholic Cemetery, is also perhaps the city’s most visible cemetery, with its site along Highway 54/400/Kellogg and Vassar Street. The view west toward downtown, unobstructed even today, is spectacular. Calvary Cemetery was consecrated in 1882, five years prior to the establishment of the Diocese of Wichita, and is the resting place for an estimated 10,000 Catholic faithful. According to cemetery records, the first official interment was made in 1876.

Strolling the 12-acre grounds of Calvary Cemetery is a walk through Wichita’s past. Members of the Catholic community buried at Calvary include several bishops and priests of the diocese of Wichita. There are also dozens of members of several communities of women and men religious. Along with many notable individuals of Wichita’s history are the countless ordinary men and women who married, raised families, worked and passed on their Catholic faith to their children and grandchildren to this very day. All of these people are part of the tapestry of the Church.

Calvary Catholic Cemetery is a sacred space, a place of prayer and quiet reflection that invites us to remember all those “who have gone now before us marked with the sign of faith.”