The memory of your loved one can be captured forever in a timeless personalized granite “memorial”. With designs based on sacred symbols, personal interests and Catholic faith, you will find a wide range of monuments and markers from which to choose. In traditional ground burial, memorials are defined within two categories, upright monuments being one category and flat markers being the second. Most all the monuments and markers within our cemeteries are designed and installed by our staff. Please call for an appointment to discuss design, materials and pricing.

Monument pricing varies greatly with the color of granite you choose for your memorial. Granite is like jewels in the sense that the rarer the granite the more expensive it is. The most common and least expensive granite in the United States is Georgia Gray. Single flat markers (26”x14”x4”) from Georgia Gray start at $599. Companion markers (50”x14”x4”) from Georgia Gray start at $1100. Single upright markers from Georgia Gray will start at about $1,200 and double upright Georgia Gray markers with a base will start at about $2,000.

We will work with individual families by appointment to help them design and price the marker for their loved ones. Our prices that we quote are “all inclusive” – the price includes design, lettering, symbols, fabrication, freight, cemetery fees and installation. The additional fees would be vases and portraits.